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Silver Inked Fingerprint Charm

Silver Inked Fingerprint Charm

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Sale Price: £70.00


There’s nothing more unique than a finger print; capture your child’s or loved

ones finger prints on a beautiful handmade silver charm.


This charm is made from 99.9% silver and comes supplied on a jump ring ready

to attach to your chosen accessory. 



The large charm measures approximately 1mm in thickness and 2.5cm at the widest point. (approximately the size of a 50p). 

the medium charm measures approximately 2cm in width and is approximately 1 mm thick, (approximately the size of a 10p)

and the small charm measures approximately 1-1.5cm in width and approximately 1 mm. (approximately the size of a 5p).

The sizes are approximate and varydepending on the shape. 


There is the option to have the charm made slightly thicker for a more luxurious feel approximately 2mm.


You can opt to have a name, initials or date hand inscribed on the reverse, up to 8 characters on the large, 6 on the medium and 4 on the small. 


These prints are taken from ink impressions or using a pencil print – please contact me to find out how its done. 


Items are normally ready for shipping within 14-21 working days of receiving your print.


Other Options may be available please feel free to contact us if you would like more information or have your own design idea.


Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly according depending on the shape chosen.

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