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11 Litre Ayurveda Wellness Copper Water Filter Tank 7 Crystals

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Double Filter Tank – 11 litre

Handmade tanks made from recycled copper materials.

11L  Filter tank the most stylish way to filter fluoride. This filter tank contains state of the art porcelain, activated carbon and metallic silver cartridges. That sits in the top section of the filtration system. They filter approximately 11L of water in 3 hours. Which is a very fast rate of filtration.

The upper tank contains double charcoal filters which remove impurities from your water such as fluoride, chlorine and any pharmaceuticals. The outside of this tank is first hammered, then engraved with the flower of life and the positive affirmations.

The words; Grounded, Pleasure, Determination, Love, Creativity, Mental Clarity and Purpose are engraved before being encrusted with 7 gemstones, each set in pure silver.

After the water is purified, it is retained in the bottom part of the filtration system. During the filtration and the storage of water in this system, the water is remineralised it with copper. The Ayurvedic practice is to store water in a copper vessel for 8 hours before consumption to get the maximum benefits.

The outside of this tank is first hammered, then engraved with more detailed affirmations to provide a deeper daily practice for when you feel you may want it.

Each gemstone on both of the tanks is an anchor for positive emotion and memory;

Quartz for Purpose- Clear

Amethyst for Mental Clarity – Purple

Sodalite for Creativity – Blue

Aventurine for Love – Green

Tigers Eye for Determination – Multi-tone Yellow and Black

Red Onyx for Pleasure – Light Red

Red Jasper for Grounded – Dark Red

We have our own meditation onto thew filter tanks with our #TouchitThinkitDrinkit mindfulness practice. We weld meditation stones onto the water tanks that represent emotions like mental clarity, love and creativity. 

The My Copper Cup Meditation:

  • Touch a gemstone #Touchit
  • Think about a memory relating to that emotion you wish to cultivate #Thinkit
  • Then drink the water which you have energised with the positive intention #Drinkit

This allows you to connect with positive to a positive state of mind,  through remembrance of positive stories and memories 

Cartridges are to be replaced once a year.

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