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The British Fingerprint Jewellery company, Sophia Alexander was established in 2006 by artist, sculptor and mother of five, Lucille Whiting. Now, 13 years later, it has now grown as a brand, with our personalised fingerprint jewellery being handmade in Suffolk and shipped to clients all around the world. 


Sophia Alexander Hand Engraved Fingerprint Rings

We believe that our company is very special. For over a decade we have created custom fingerprint jewellery with a difference. Beautiful, strong, heirloom quality pieces of jewellery in gold and silver that can be loved forever.  

Lucille Whiting, Sophia Alexander Personalised Jewellery, Kedington, Suffolk, UK 


Our rural studio is nestled on the borders of Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, in the beautiful, sleepy village of Kedington, a stones throw from the historic towns of Cambridge, Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds. 

Handmade Personalised Fingerprint Jewellery by Sophia Alexander

Here, surrounded by fields, we design and make everything by hand. Inspired by nature, family and stories. The stories behind every commission. We're dedicated and passionate about creating the very best personalised jewellery and custom gifts.


Our talented team of expert casters, goldsmiths, hand engravers and diamond setters use traditional jewellery making techniques to ensure our clients worldwide are completely satisfied. 

Handmade Personalised Fingerprint Jewellery by Sophia Alexander

We use the very best casting houses in the heart of London's renowned Hatton Garden and in the Birmingham Jewellery quarter to ensure high quality castings. Every piece is made to the strictest quality standards and struck with a British Hallmark to certify the standard of purity. Every fingerprint necklace, charm and fingerprint ring has a wonderfully substantial, heavy quality that can only come from using solid precious metal.


We promise never to use fired metal clay to produce any of our fingerprint jewellery, memorials, gifts or keepsakes. Simply take your fingerprints, hand prints, footprints or paw prints in the comfort of your own home with one of our specially designed impression kits, send them to us and let us do the rest. We only ever use the finest precious metals. Premium, bright white, tarnish resistant silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold and ethically sourced fairtrade gold. 


Casting 9ct gold and 18ct gold personalised fingerprint jewellery in London and Birmingham

TRADITIONAL LOST WAX CASTING The oldest known examples of lost wax casting are more than 5700 years old, so it would be difficult to find a more original way of creating jewellery or sculpture! Of course, modern equipment has streamlined the process somewhat, but we are proud to still use these traditional jewellery making techniques to craft all our custom fingerprint jewellery and personalised gifts.


Each piece is carved using premium jewellers wax. We then send this to be precision cast in London's Hatton Garden or Birmingham. Here, molten silver or gold ia injected into a mould, filling the void and leaving an exact replica in solid precious metal. The completed fingerprint gift is premium quality, with a good surface finish and next to no shrinkage.


Experts then hand finish, polish, hand engrave and set with beautiful gemstones & diamonds. Each piece is hallmarked by the Assay Office to verify it’s quality and purity (subject to terms & conditions). Multiple copies of the same piece can be created on request. 

The most personal gift you will ever find.

NOTHING BUT THE BEST Today, our ever expanding premium collection remains classic, timeless and sophisticated with a modern twist. Original handprints, footprints, fingerprints and paw prints perfectly captured . . . Miniaturised versions of a precious first piece of artwork . . . A sample of your little ones handwriting saying their first “I love you” . . . Your partners signature . . . A beloved pets paw prints . . . 

Sophia Alexander Laser Engraved Fingerprint Rings

We are inspired by our passion to capture your stories and memories. Cherished moments with the special people that touch your life. Helping you to hold them close to your heart forever.


The most personal gift you will ever find, inspired By Nature’s Most Exclusive Design. Jewellery With a Precious Touch.


Please take your time to read our terms and conditions carefully before placing your order. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I. Sophia Alexander Jewellers is registered as a partnership in England. 

II. In using this website, you agree to accept the terms & conditions of it’s use. 

III. In the following information “we” and “us” refers to Sophia Alexander Jewellers and “you” refers to the individual using the website. 

IV. The website referred to is www.sophia-alexander.com 

V. All terms & conditions set out below apply to the website www.sophia-alexander.com; all of the products shown for sale and all other content. They do not apply to any other websites owned by the parent company Sophia Alexander. 

VI. As far as is permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied as to the accuracy of information contained within the contents of the website. 

VII. To purchase any item shown on our website, or commission any other item from Sophia Alexander Jewellery, you confirm that you are 18 years of age. 

VIII. We reserve the right to refuse to sell / supply items ordered by any customer at our own discretion. 

IX. We can only sell / supply items if all components required to produce them are available. If this is not possible for whatever reason, any monies already paid by the customer will be refunded. We will not be liable for compensation or damages if we do not supply goods. 

X. We endeavour to provide all items to customers within the time frames stated. We will advise customers immediately if for whatever reason this is not possible to provide items within this time frame. Customers will be contacted and a new delivery date will be agreed on. We will not be liable for compensation or damages if we do not adhere to a specific time frame for supplying goods. 

XI. We will endeavour to make sure that the website is always available on-line, although this may not always be possible. We cannot accept any liability for times when this is not possible. 

XII. We always reserve the right to remove the website and to remove or discontinue products / services offered at any time. 

XIII. You are not permitted to damage or interrupt the provision of the website in any way, or use it to spread computer viruses. In no way can we be held responsible for any computer viruses obtained while using the website. 

XIV. We cannot be held responsible for any web site not under our control, which may affect the use of our website, or be linked from our website. 

XV. All images shown on the website are for your information only and are protected by UK copyright law. You are not permitted to copy, publish, download, display or redistribute these images, or any other part of the website for any purpose. Infringement of this would lead us to take civil action to seek damages. 

XVI. Many designs that can be purchased on the Sophia Alexander website will resemble those seen on other websites selling similar items of jewellery. We consider some items “signature” or “unique” designs to our company (where fingerprint; hand print; footprint; handwriting jewellery is concerned). Although we would never intentionally set out to plagiarise the work of other companies / jewellers / designers, it should be noted that if we are asked to make a unique custom design for a customer, we cannot be held responsible if this individual piece of jewellery resembles work created by someone other than ourselves. 

We have no way of 100% checking designs drawn by our customers or checking for work completed by persons unknown to ourselves.

XVII. All prices are shown in Pounds Sterling . We will only convert our prices into other currencies for customers at the time of purchase. 

XVIII. Please be aware that due to human or computer error, information displayed on the website may be incorrect. We make every effort to avoid such errors, but we can in no way honour incorrect prices for items displayed for sale. 

XIX. Please be aware that due to the nature of fluctuating precious metal prices, we reserve the right to alter the prices of all items for sale. At times this may be necessary on a daily basis and will be done without notice. 

XX. In filing a formal, signed order with Sophia Alexander, the customer / user agrees buy the goods at the price stated subject to the company terms and conditions. The binding contract is formed when the customer receives formal confirmation from Sophia Alexander that their order has been confirmed and accepted. 

XXI. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. Please note that they are also non-transferable. The balance of a gift token must be used in one transaction. We cannot be held responsible in any way for lost of stolen gift certificates. 

XXII. It is important to note that items purchased will not be complete carbon copies of jewellery shown on the website and in other company literature / marketing materials. 

At Sophia Alexander, the jewellery we produce is completely custom and personalised for every individual customer. Although we provide you with approximate product colours, dimensions and weights, variations in size and the surface appearance of the precious metals may occur and should be expected. The images provided should be considered as guidance only. 

Each piece of personalised jewellery and every custom gift is hand carved from wax and is cast from molten precious metal using the traditional lost wax process.  They are approximately 2mm thick. 

Fingerprint pendants, necklaces, charms, and keyrings have large flat surfaces and tiny casting imperfections may be apparent, particularly on the reverse. 

This is the nature of casting such large, flat pieces and should be expected in handmade gold and silver fingerprint jewellery.  They are in no way manufacturing faults. 

Please note that images may not be displayed at their actual size and that different computer monitors may also alter the perceived sizes of products and colours of the different metals. 

Pieces are made to accommodate fingerprints of various shapes and sizes; and text of varying lengths which will all alter the look of the final piece. 

The quality of the fingerprint taken will also add to this. Every fingerprint is unique and some fingerprints are clearer and more defined than others.

We cannot improve the appearance of a natural fingerprint. 

If we do not feel that the fingerprint submitted is suitable, we will inform you immediately. 

Where gemstones, semi-precious stones and pearls are incorporated into jewellery, these may also vary in colour, size and shape. 

This means that pieces will inevitably vary slightly from the photographed images seen on www.sophia-alexander.com; in other company literature and marketing materials. 

XXIII. For the purchase of custom engraved fingerprint rings, a ring sizing kit will be sent to you, with full instructions. 

A set of aluminium sample rings will be sent out to you with very detailed instructions, to 100% confirm the size of your finger before your actual ring is made. As at no point do we ever see you in person, we feel we provide you with sufficient guidance so that the ultimate responsibility for finger size choice lies with you, the customer. 

Please note that once you have submitted your final finger size, this decision is binding and you will be charged for any alterations needed to the size of your ring after this point.  The price of these alterations varies from piece to piece. 

XXIV. Once delivered, it is the responsibility of the customer to clean and store each piece of jewellery correctly in accordance with the guidance given and to check all attached chains and attachments for wear & tear. We will not accept responsibility for deterioration of jewellery where customers have not exactly followed our guidance. 

XXV. Sophia Alexander can in no way be held responsible for damages of any kind, whether they be special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), strict product liability or otherwise, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

It is important to note that each personalised gift and custom piece of jewellery created by Sophia Alexander is a handmade, commissioned work of art. 

They are handmade and not “manufactured” in any way. This information has been made very clear prior to purchase. 

Therefore, unless there is a production fault, we do not accept returns of these items and do not offer any sort of refund. 

XXVI. We will always try to ensure that all items ordered from Sophia Alexander are delivered at the agreed time by the agreed courier. This will usually be Royal Mail unless overseas. 

It is important to note that delivery times are approximate as they are subject to conditions out of our control. 

Sophia Alexander will not be held liable for any compensation or damages resulting from late or non-delivery. 

XXVII. All items of jewellery remain the responsibility of Sophia Alexander until they are received by the customer. We cannot be held responsible for items of jewellery displaced in cases where our courier company has attempted to deliver an item, but no signature was given. 

XXVIII. Items should only be considered as belonging to the customer once Sophia Alexander has received payment in full. 

No items will be delivered to the customer until this has occurred. 

XXIX. It is the responsibility of the person receiving the package to check all items on delivery. If you receive a package you consider to be damaged or faulty, it is your responsibility to write “Damaged”, on paperwork given to you by the courier. If you do not do this, the item will no longer be insured. 

We will not accept liability if this occurs. 

XXX. If items are delivered to the customer in any way damaged or faulty, please follow the returns procedure. 

The Sophia Alexander customer care team should be notified by telephone or email and your item should be returned within 10 working days from the date of delivery in its un-worn, original condition, together with your receipt and all jewellery packaging. 

Items should be returned in suitable postal packaging to avoid damage in transit and with suitable postal insurance.   

If you do not inform us within 7 days we shall have no liability for goods said to be damaged on delivery. 

Please note that all products are photographed immediately prior to posting to protect us from foul play. This does not affect your statutory rights. 

XXXI. If you wish to return an item of jewellery, it remains the responsibility of you, the customer until we have received and signed for it. 

Sophia Alexander will not accept liability for the costs of return, returns damaged in transit or not received by us. 

XXXII. Items should be returned in the same condition that you received it in, in suitable packaging to avoid damage in transit and with suitable postal insurance. 

Please notify the Sophia Alexander customer care team by telephone (01440510050) or email (info@sophia-alexander.com) and return your item within 7 working days from the date of delivery in its un-worn, original condition, together with your receipt and all jewellery packaging. 

Customer Care, Sophia Alexander, Westward Deals, Kedington, Suffolk, CB9 7PH. 

XXXIII. If jewellery is shipped outside the UK; packages may be liable to importation taxes; local charges; duty charges or other costs applied by customs officials in the country into which it is received. We provide you with this advice, but in no way can be held responsible for this and it is not something within our control.

We do not pay in any way for these charges. 

XXXIV. Our returns policies do not affect your statutory rights. 

XXXV. These Terms & Conditions of use; the website and all contracts formed between Sophia Alexander and its users / customers are governed by the law of England and both parties (Sophia Alexander and the user / customer) agree to use the English courts if there is any dispute between us that cannot be resolved via our standard complaints procedure. 

XXXVI. If any part of these Terms & Conditions of use is found to be invalid by law, the rest of them remain valid and enforceable. 

XXXVII. Sophia Alexander reserve the right to alter these Terms & Conditions periodically if we determine it is necessary. In this event, we will notify customers / users by posting the new Terms & Conditions of use on the website. We recommend that customers keep a copy of these terms and conditions for their information. 

If any user / customer does not wish to be governed by the new Terms & Conditions of use, they should refrain from using the website.

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