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Full 3D Wax seal stamp tool used when ordering customised 'peel and stick' wax seals - Please upload your design in jpg, PDF or PNG format

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A 3D wax seal stamp tool to be used in conjunction with ordering peel and stick wax seals. A choice of three sizes are available, 22mm diameter, 25mm diameter and 30mm diameter and a stamp is required to enable us to produce your wax seals.

The stamp is made to fit a special holder that we have developed to aid producing the wax seal but you may also be able to use it to produce your own wax seals. We can store the stamp for you or, alternatively, we can send it to you with your wax seal order and you can return it if you need to order more as and when required.

This wax seal stamp is ideally used as a promotional tool to create wax seals to add style to your packaging or wedding stationary.

Add your own wax seal logo to your boxes in full 3D.


What’s included?

1 x solid brass stamp; made specifically for our manufacturing process. It doesn’t have a handle but can be used successfully to make your own seals if wanted.

1 x engraving of your design in full 3D

Artwork for your 3D seal stamp can be supplied in either black and white PDF, JPG or PNG file format.

Artwork for 3D seals can be full colour as we only use them as a guide to create the 3D model.

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