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Santa's 'Naughty or Nice' Peel and Stick Wax Seals

Santa's 'Naughty or Nice' Peel and Stick Wax Seals

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Keep your children well behaved in the run up to Christmas with the threat of receiving fewer presents if they end upon Santa's naughty list on Christmas Day. Award them a naughty or nice wax seal every day in December and stick it to the supplied chart. Keep your little Christmas angels in check with the threat of a naughty award for the day! Well behaved children for one whole month of the year; result! :-)

Sale Price: £25.00
Buy 2 - 4 get 15.00 % off Buy 5 - 100 get 20.00 % off (Free Shipping)


Peel and Stick wax seals (Certified by Santa - `Naughty or Nice) using a 30mm stamp diameter in two colours (red and green).


These wax seals come supplied with a peelable self adhesive backing to stick the seal to the results chart supplied.


Made to order – Leadtime for manufacture: 3 days


GoJD ‘peel and stick’ wax seals are made in our workshop in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter using flexible sealing wax and finished with the application of a double sided sticker on the back for easy application to packaging or stationary.


Bubbles and imperfections are occasionally unavoidable and part of the character of a wax seal; as perfectionists, we aim to get our seals as uniform as we can but we appreciate that it can also be attractive to some to make the seals with a more ‘rugged’ and unique shape. There may occasionally be some variation in the shape and finished size of the seal due to the nature of working with a ‘flowable’ material; bubbles and a difference in colour may also be visible between the computer monitor used and the actual product.


Please note that pigments are used to obtain different wax colours and these are reliably stable but please check colour fastness (in very rare situations) for colour bleed.


Can be returned if unused within 30 days.


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Buy 2 - 4 get 15.00 % off
Buy 5 - 100 get 20.00 % off
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Buyer can return the product within  30 days.
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Pack contains:

48 x Wax Seals (24 Red 'Naughty' - 24 Green 'Nice')

1 x Santa's 'Naughty or Nice' daily results chart.

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