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The silver reticulated bangle is available in two widths and any wrist size, with a choice of 4 finishes and free UK delivery..

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The selected item is out of stock, please select a different item or combination

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Silver Reticulated Bangle

The Silver Reticulated Bangle has two choices of widths, round 3mm or flat 6mm.

The wider one is made from 6mm x 2mm solid silver flat rectangular wire.

The slimmer reticulated bangle is made from 3mm round section wire.

The 3mm silver reticulated bangle is also available as a triple set with a discount for buying 3.

The silver reticulated bangle is made using a technique called reticulation.

I overheat the metal so much that is starts to distort, shrink and stretch, this gives a riven and undulating texture.

Choose your bangle size from the drop down menu.

Then choose your preferred finish which includes, polished (shiny), oxidised (blackened) or matt (brushed) or gold plated.

Lastly, select your preferred width of bangle, a single 3mm, flat 6mm or a triple set of 3mm bangles. The gold plated option is not included in the triple set and a mixture of polished, matt and oxidised will be made for you.

A rough guide on sizing is – your usual dress size:

<8 (19.5cm)

8-10 (20cm)

10-12 (20.5cm)

12-14 (21cm)

14-16 (21.5cm)

16+ (22cm)

20+ (22.5cm)

This Silver Reticulated Bangle can be made in ANY size so if you don’t see your size email me and I’ll make a special one for you.



Your new bangle will be sent to you in a gift box with free UK delivery.

This bangle usually take around 7 days to arrive unless it’s December then it may take a little longer.

Be sure to leave enough time to ensure your christmas delivery gets to you in time. My last posting day is Dec 21st.

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