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Halved disc earrings

Halved disc earrings
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These handmade, halved earrings are made from sterling silver and feature one of our wonderful 6mm lab. grown opal triplet stones set in a  brass bezel. We have designed a textured plate which is hand embossed into the silver to create an interesting surface pattern. One half of the earring features a stone and the other a swirl of brass decoration to balance the pair. Because these earrings are handmade the pattern will vary slightly from the ones shown in the images. The sterling silver ear wires are also made by us.

We offer a choice of ten other gemstones which are Amethyst, Amber, Pink corundum, Garnet, White moonstone, Blue and Green spinels, Lapis lazuli, Red and Blue opal triplets and Turquoise.

These contemporary earrings have been finished with a clear, protective, anti-tarnish coating and they come in one of our branded gift boxes.

Materials, sterling silver, brass, gemstone
Size, 30mm diameter when put together.

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